IELTS Reading Tips

As your IELTS test approaches, read more and more articles on general topics.

Read the title well so you can have an idea about the overall article. Your reading approach should be to understand each sentence and try to create a map in your mind (may be difficult, but you will be able to do it after some practice).

Particularly for IELTS practice, you should work on accuracy first, remove the time constraint, answer all question, check your answers, follow up on your mistakes. Don’t worry about time at this phase of practice. Repeat this cycle using passages from official practice books by Cambridge University.

I would suggest you to read all the passages completely if you are aiming at 7.5 + bands, else you may use skimming of scanning techniques. I realized that sometimes these strategies makes you read same passage repeatedly. As you read, underline any noun or fact to come back at a later time while answering questions.

Understand passages well, do not quickly read them for sake of answering the question, clean your mind, try to develop interest and read thoroughly.

If you read thoroughly, do not skip questions to come back at a later stage as time is limited. You must be able to answer all questions in around 45 mins, so you may avail a washroom break before copying the answers on the answer sheet.

Be very careful regarding how many words to write in an answer and when it asks you to take word(s) from the passage, choose the word as written in the passage.

Make sure that you take a good sleep before the exam day and focus well on exam, no second thoughts. Believe in yourself, stay positive and avoid talking to other candidates before exam.

I scored 8.5 bands and was able to recheck my answers.

Good luck!


IELTS Listening Tips

Listen to audio podcasts to develop your audio listening skills.

In Section 2, make sure you understand the diagram or picture well enough to find the right answers, if you miss one, just forget about it and move to the next.

In Section 3, feel like you are sitting in the same hall with the people in the conversations and understand the overall theme of the Section.

As the audio tape starts, you may read some questions from Section 4 and come back to Section 1 when the tape say “Now come to Section 1…”.

Some questions are dodgy as they ask about a particular sub-class or about the most important aspect of something. Make sure that you answer correctly after understanding the context properly.

Good Luck!